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We are delighted to introduce Meetrics, a super easy-to-use tool designed to transform the way you and your teams conduct meetings. As a proud member of the FalconX startup family, Meetrics has been developed with a singular focus: to optimize your meeting experience.

We all know that time is a precious commodity, and effective meetings are crucial for success. Unfortunately time constraints quite often lead to insufficient meeting preparation, resulting in unstructured and unproductive meetings.

Meetrics addresses this pain point by providing AI-driven solutions, ensuring meetings are not only time-efficient but also collaborative and outcome-focused. To make it simple and easy to use Meetrics seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar so anybody can use it right away, with no learning curve.

Key Benefits of Meetrics:

AI-Powered Meeting Objectives and Talking Points: Meetrics delivers tailored, AI-generated talking points and objectives, ensuring your meetings are both purposeful and productive.

Streamlined Time Management: Meetrics AI algorithm suggests optimal time limits for each talking point, helping you keep meetings concise and on track.

Collaborative Engagement: Meetrics encourages shared meeting responsibilities by assigning talking point ownership, fostering a more inclusive and engaging meeting environment.

Effortless Integration: Designed to work directly within Google Calendar, Meetrics simplifies your workflow, requiring no additional logins or software installations.

Exclusive Offer for FalconX Community:

As part of their launch celebration and in appreciation of their roots in the FalconX accelerator, they are excited to offer FalconX followers an exclusive 40% discount for the first year with Meetrics. This special offer is their way of thanking the FalconX community for their support and inviting you to experience the future of meetings with Meetrics.

(Coupon code: FALCONX)

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