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FalconX T-Hub Membership

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Who can apply?

Startups from any sector, stage and country can apply.

How can I apply?

Fill the application form. Click on the join button given above to go to the form.

What are the events planned for the next year?

A calendar will be accessible to members through the membership portal

Will these events be in-person or virtual?

It will be a mix of virtual or in-person events

What type of desk will be assigned?

It will be a floating or a hotdesk. It will be available 3 days/week

Who from the company can access the benefits?

Only designated members from the company will have access. Additional charges apply if more
members want to access co-working space.

What is the membership fee?

The membership fee is $150/month.

How much do members need to pay at the time of signing?

The members need to pay the entire fee at the time of signing. On the completion of the initial agreement period the payment transition to monthly auto-credits.

What is the duration of the membership?

The minimum sign-up period is 6 months. We also offer annual membership option.

How will members get access to the mail?

One receipt of deliveries, members will receive notification on the application.

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