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Startups in Silicon Valley experience a 218% increase in VC funding and a 277% rise in their odds of acquisition, as highlighted by the Wall Street Journal. But what about startups from around the world? How can they leverage this opportunity?

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, FalconX bridges the gap between global startups and the incredible opportunities at the center of innovation. We are an accelerator and venture capital fund with a vibrant network of founders and investors in the B2B space. Our mission is to empower startups to scale rapidly by providing them with unparalleled access to resources, mentorship, and funding.

Supporting Startups Through Every Stage

We support startups through every stage of their journey, from initial development to market entry and growth. Learn more about our accelerator programs. An article published in YourStory features our global community and the support we provide to startups on their journey to grow and thrive in the US. The article highlights success stories, key partnerships, and the impact of our accelerator programs.

Bridging the Gap for Indian Startups

Scaling to the US market often seems like a monumental task for small and early-stage B2B startups. Legal complexities, recruitment roadblocks, and the challenge of financial and team management can make this transition daunting. However, FalconX is dedicated to bridging this gap and helping innovative Indian startups enter the US market.

Our founders have made over 300 startup investments with 50+ exits, 14 unicorns, and 5 IPOs at a cumulative market cap of $75 billion. This extensive experience allows us to provide valuable insights and connections to startups. In April 2024, FalconX selected 15 startups as part of its third accelerator cohort, driven by our mission to cultivate innovation and nurture growth.

Highlight: Technology Day

One of the key events in our program is Technology Day. This event allows startups to showcase their products to a curated audience of VCs, corporate leaders, CXOs, founders, and industry luminaries. This year’s event featured over 250 attendees, including top-tier Silicon Valley investors, and keynote speakers like Jaya Kumar, Chief Digital Officer at BAYADA Home Health Care.

During Technology Day, startups from our cohort, including Bytescare, BuildTeam, Devnagri, and many others, presented groundbreaking innovations. This event provides startups with valuable exposure and networking opportunities, which are crucial for their growth.

Global Network and Strategic Partnerships

As part of our global community, FalconX has built a network of over 1,000 B2B startups. We drive innovation through strategic partnerships with tech giants like Meta, mentoring startups to make them customer-ready. Our collaborative partnerships with leading companies, such as Greenko in India, expose startups to Silicon Valley’s cutting-edge innovations.

Additionally, FalconX’s $30 million Venture Fund helps startups secure the funding needed to fuel their growth. This fund is dedicated to early-stage B2B startups, both Indian and international.

Join FalconX

If you’re a startup aiming to grow in the US market, reach out to the FalconX team. Join our accelerator program and become part of a community that fosters innovation, growth, and success.

Check us out: Read more on YourStory.

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